In EXPERT we are proud to contribute with our knowledge in each project we have the opportunity to be involved. For us the satisfaction level of our clients has always been fundamental and that’s why we will like to show the success stories of some of the projects we have developed:

Client: Valley College Foundation (Fundación Universidad del Valle)

Perform the functions of project management, technical leadership and Architecture of information systems of the software applications that manage in an integrated manner missionary and no missionary processes one of the biggest universities in Colombia.

Client: PPMU – Pensions and Parafiscal management Unit

Is the name given to the second great project developed with “Carbones del Cerrejón” this software performs as is main function the resource planning and sequencing for optimizing the short term mine production as well as the supervision of the quality of the coal that is being extracted

Cliente: “La 14 S.A.” Chain Stores

Implementing the automation of the product collection process for purchases made in the ecommerce website through a mobile and web system that allows tracing the optimal route for the product recollection


Analysis, Design and Implementation of integration architecture to integrate the system Open Smartflex with the OMS system, through the IBM’s Websphere Message Broker tool


Enable advisors to access and manage the information management in the point of sale of the products that are in stock, take pictures of the products in the shelf, among others, allowing the planning and GPS georeferencing of the advisors.