We are a company specialized in offering custom software development services, software engineering consultancy and software factory services. In our more than 12 years of experience we’ve had the opportunity of implementing important projects in both private and governmental companies in Colombia and the United States.

We are specialists in analysis, design construction and implementation of custom-built informatics solutions according to our clients’ needs in several business sectors. We are pioneers in software engineering investigation lines; we have developed mathematical models for project estimation which allow to establish very accurate effort values (man-hours) in the projects to develop, allowing to define accurate budgets to our clients achieving and adequate resource management in each project. Since August 15 of 2015 we are classified as level 3 of maturity in software development for new products and evolutionary maintenance of information systems according to the CMMI.

Our goal is to provide solutions to improve the efficiency and productivity of our clients.


Provide consulting and high quality software production services oriented to fulfil the competitiveness needs of today’s companies and thus encouraging technological and social development in our country.

Consolidate ourselves in the year 2018 as leaders in the consultancy and software productions services in both national and international level, positioning us as an agile company and able to respond quickly to market needs.

In Expert Information S.A.S. we have as policy fulfilling our clients needs meeting the agreed technical specifications and requirements.

Our work foundation is the professional, ethical and responsible practice of our team