Full Development Cycle

Expert will involve from the beginning of the software project’s life cycle, will take care of all the activities concerning to planning and coordination of the project, also of the analysis, design and construction and testing of a single or a group of requirements provided by the costumer or of any specific need of systematization, providing the required team to complete the necessary task to enable our client to reach the established goals within the desired timeframe.

Partial Development Cycle

Expert will take care of the planning and coordination of well-defined activities for the development and testing of an analysis and/or design previously made by the costumer.
A validation of the supplied artifacts will take place before the development tasks start, in order to achieve this, we will count on the collaboration of the necessary team to enable the project to get to a successful end.

Qualified resource supply

Expert will supply a development coordinator who will supervise the assignations of the supplied resource or resources. The staff supplied by Expert is highly trained to complement a work team previously structured by the client
The roles offered in this alternative are:

  • Project Manager
  • Software Architect
  • Technical Leader
  • Analyst
  • Development engineer
  • Quality assurance engineer


EXPERT offers specialized consulting services in different areas of software engineering, such as:

  • Requirement Management
  • Software Architecture – Service Oriented Architecture SOA
  • 3. WEBMOD-WEB Estimation Model. This estimation model developed by expert, allows determining the effort involved in the project development measured in man-hours and was published by the IEEE in 2011. You can check it out clicking here.

  • Java, .NET and PL/SQL application tunning. EXPERT checks, diagnosis and improves your application performance through refactoring its functionality critical code.

Corporate Movile Application Development

Using operational Android and IOS systems and integrating it with the corporate systems through online frameworks or batch.

  • Web Microsoft Technology. ASP.Net/ASP, Visual Studio .Net
  • Web Java Technology. ORACLE ADF BC, ORACLE ADF Faces
  • Web Java Technology. EJB, ADF BC, ADF Faces, ICE Faces, RICH Faces

  • WEB Technology PHP. 5.0, Symfony1.
  • Corporate applications development for mobile Android devices (SmartPhones and Tablets) And iOS (iPhone, iPads)

  • Take the functionaluty of your current system to a mobile device.. EXPERT builts the mobile functionality that you require to take it where you need to, online or offline through synchronization processes with your central system and the mobile device.